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libgtask File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
gtask-callback-packet.c [code]
gtask-connection-group.c [code]
gtask-connection-group.h [code]
gtask-connection.c [code]
gtask-connection.h [code]
gtask-error-packet.c [code]
gtask-error-packet.h [code]
gtask-event-dispatcher.c [code]
gtask-event-dispatcher.h [code]
gtask-factory.c [code]
gtask-factory.h [code]
gtask-file.c [code]
gtask-file.h [code]
gtask-generic-task.c [code]
gtask-generic-task.h [code]
gtask-internals.h [code]
gtask-marshalers.c [code]
gtask-marshalers.h [code]
gtask-packet.c [code]
gtask-packet.h [code]
gtask-query-packet.c [code]
gtask-query-packet.h [code]
gtask-remove-watch-packet.c [code]
gtask-remove-watch-packet.h [code]
gtask-role-packet.c [code]
gtask-role-packet.h [code]
gtask-stream-parser.c [code]
gtask-stream-parser.h [code]
gtask-task-packet.c [code]
gtask-task-packet.h [code]
gtask-watch-packet.c [code]
gtask-watch-packet.h [code]
gtask.c [code]
gtask.h [code]

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